Luxurious Asian Restaurant For Exotic And Warmth Feeling

Going out for dinner or meeting with your partner in lunch time can be did in Asian restaurant. Besides traditional design and mostly spicy food that serving by Asian restaurant, you can find unique interior taste there whether you experience joyful style such as red furniture or warmth and formal atmosphere from monochrome colour however it should be interesting to know it better by looking at this review.

Here are some quick glance looks about restaurant interior design with Asian taste. The first Asian restaurant interior coming up with calm and serenity atmosphere from combination of broken white and dark wooden colour where broken white lampion pendant lamp is paired with dark wooden ceiling and bright beech wooden room separator supported by broken white leather arm chair that must be perfect for having intimate dinner or formal meeting with promising client. Another style is more traditional with the use of Golden Chinese figure posit in such wooden photo frame hanging along the wall decal which providing a set of wooden dining desk and chair.

Moreover, bold pink wall paint supported by white glossy dragon wall decal installed behind the white tufted sofa area must be great choice to having fun with close friend or family while red pendant lamp liven up that warmth atmosphere and giving proper attention for bold pink carpet accent. Besides, romantic candle holder made from folded fibreglass posit on black high bench table facing grey ottoman chair and also large grey sofa are quiet interesting especially when soft yellow water drop pendant lamp is installing at dark glossy plain ceiling.

Eventually, minimalist style is providing by modern white bar area full of pastel floral wall paper supported by large built-in transparent bar backsplash combined with classic wooden chair that put on golden marble flooring as Asian restaurant interior design stunning concept.